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Floratape ( flower tape ) / 1spool (27m)
Floratape ® original stem wrap
This is the original self-sealing stem wrap for finishing corsage and wedding bouquet stems, floral novelties, and silk or dried flowers and can provide a neutral or colorful finishing touch to creative and original floral work.

Floratape has a crepe paper base. It is great for covering wiring work and gives it a more polished and natural look. This tape is easy-to-use as it does not stick to your fingers and is able to adhere to itself or the flower stem when stretched over it. It’s colourfastness attribute makes working with damp or wet flowers a breeze. It comes in a wide variety of colours
  • size: (W)12.5mm x (L)27m

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    Produk ini bisa "Back Order", artinya anda bisa order melebihi stok yang ada.(atau biarpun stok kosong, anda dapat order). Kekurangan stok nya, akan kami orderkan dari pabrik.

    * This product is "Made in Japan".
      Pilihan (Rp) Harga Stok Qty
    #1f2928 Black 58,000 0
    #332927 Brown 58,000 4
    #15422b Green 58,000 1
    #97a64b Light Green 58,000 6
    #565a39 Olive Green 58,000 4
    #d5e0d2 Mint Ivory 58,000 2
    #506f45 Moss green 58,000 1
    #e7e7e7 White 58,000 3
    50 or more 30%
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