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Lisa Pavelka : High Walls Metal Pendant Bezel / 1pc
Create beautiful handcrafted pieces of jewelry for yourself or as gifts with Lisa's metal bezels.
  • Great for polymer clay, beads, resin / dimentional magic craft and crystals.
  • Extra deep with high walls.

    Resin casting click here

  • Oval Size : 31x24mm
    Pocket Watch Size : 35mm
    Rectangle Size : 32x21 mm
    Round Size :27mm
    Square Size :22mm

  • Merk / Produsen: lisa pavelka

      Pilihan (Rp) Harga Stok Qty
    14930-ovlslv   Oval
    31x24 mm
    73,000 7
    14930-recantcop   Rectangle Antique Copper
    32x21 mm
    73,000 8
    14930-recantgld   Rectangle Antique Gold
    32x21 mm
    73,000 10
    14930-recslv   Rectangle Silver Plated
    32x21 mm
    73,000 9
    14930-rndantcop   Round Antique Copper
    73,000 2
    14930-rndantgld   Round Antique Gold
    73,000 6
    14930-rndslv   Round Silver Plated
    73,000 9
    14930-sqantcop   Square Antique Copper
    73,000 8
    14930-sqantgld   Square Antique Gold
    73,000 3
    14930-sqslv   Square Silver Plated
    73,000 3
    14930-pckwtcslv   Pocket Watch
    73,000 4
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