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Weaving Loom : Louet David / 1 unit

The David, a unique sinking shed jack loom, has become a popular small floor loom on today’s market. Weaving on this loom gives you a real appreciation for the word balance.

“Balance” is the key in this design. Louet engineers’ skillful design has created a sturdy, well-balanced and easy to treadle loom. Technically, the David is a compactly constructed floor loom that takes less floor space, but still has many of the same features of a large floor loom.

The “David” uses an ingenious but simple to understand system of springs and pulleys, which produces a generous shed with remarkably light treadling. The tie-up is made to the metal parallel lams, which can be tied either singly or in combinations, allowing for unbalanced weaves not possible on the usual kind of sinking shed loom, the counterbalance type.

The David has a built-in raddle and shelf and comes standard with eight harnesses and ten treadles.
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