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Weaving Loom : Louet Spring / 1 unit

The Louet “Spring” loom is one of the most innovative cleverly designed floor looms on the market today. It uses the Parallel countermarch system for the harnesses and lams, which is easy to use and simple to tie-up.

An exclusive feature to this loom is the patented moving breast beam controlled by springs. The breast beam is attached to the loom in such a way that it is free to move toward the harnesses when the shed is made and then back toward the weaver when the shed is closed again. The distance between the breast beam and the back beam actually changes during weaving. With this system a larger shed can be obtained with less tension increase in the warp and less effort from the weaver. The advantages of this system are especially evident as you near the end of the warp. Even when the end of the warp is very close to the harnesses, a good shed can be made, thus saving yards and yards of wasted warp over the life of your loom.

The moving breast beam also brings on exactly the same warp tension each time the warp is advanced. The design of the loom includes a built-in raddle on top of the castle and a storage shelf for keeping everything you need within easy reach.

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