Metal Craft Work Tools

Metal craft : Scroll former ( scroll bender ) tools
With this tool "Scroll tool", you can create Scroll work designs easily.
There are several types to choose from, varying in the size of the scroll they produce and the size of materials they handle.
MK 1/2 MK 2/3 MK 3/4
Max 76mm Max 127mm Max 265mm
1 kg 2.5 kg 22.8 kg
Flat 13x2mm Flat 20x3mm
Tube 10mm
Flat 50x6 or 25 x 10
Tube 20mm
Square rod 16mm
Round rod 16mm

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  Pilihan (Rp) Harga Stok Qty
21961-12   Scroll former 1/2 (MC017)
max scroll size 76mm
680,000 0
21961-23   Scroll former 2/3 (MC029)
max scroll size 127mm
3,680,000 1
21961-34   Scroll former 3/4 (MC025)
max scroll size 265mm
9,680,000 1
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