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Interchangeable Hammer 12 Heads /1set

Ideal for jewelry-making, this tool combines 12 tools into one! It features a head weight that is heavier than the competition’s tool to provide better striking power. Head inserts are held securely in place during use with threaded collars.
Six smooth heads for flattening metal:
  • Flat in nylon, stainless steel & brass
  • Domed in nylon, stainless steel & brass

Six textured stainless steel heads:
  • Wide Circles • Thin Circles
  • Dots • Speckles
  • Stripes • Weave

Designed for use on non-ferrous metals.
    • 12 oz. Interchangable Hammer, 22mm face dia., 3" wide head, 9.5" overall length
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