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XL Gel Liver of Sulphur (for Patina color) / 1pc

Liver of Sulphur ( LOS ) XL Gel is formulated for versatility & convenience. It used to patina metals such as silver, copper, bronze, metal clay.
XL GEL - Longlife patina gel

** Package type will vary. **

This exciting new product, liver of sulfur in a stabilized gel form, is a very convenient, economical, and easy way to use liver of sulfur. The best thing about the XL Patina Gel is that it doesn't degrade in light or air the way the lump form or liquid liver of sulphur does. As you're probably aware, liver of sulfur in chunk form is very unstable and goes dead in a few hours if left uncovered or exposed to light. Not a problem here - the XL Gel will remain fresh even if you've forgotten to put the lid on.

To test the shelf life of XL Gel, a sample container was left uncovered. After a year a thin skin had formed on the surface. The skin was stirred into the gel, and it was mixed up with water. The aged Patina Gel performed identical to another batch made from fresh Patina Gel. (We still recommend you keep the lid on, in particular to keep the XL Gel clean!)

XL Patina Gel is economical. Use only what you need. No more digging for the "right sized chunk" or wasting pieces that are too large. No more throwing out a whole container because the lid was not on just right. It's always fresh and always ready to use, and just a 1/4 teaspoon of the gel is enough to make 6 oz of strong patina solution. Try using it straight from the container, by brushing it on and then dipping the piece in hot water. Or use it in the traditional way by mixing a little in some hot water.

XL Gel is safe and non-flammable so is safe for international shipping. 60ml/2oz.

  • 2oz (59ml)
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