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Spellbinders Accessories / 1 set

Spare parts untuk Mesin die cutting merk Spellbinders.
  • Charm Embossing Kit (W003)
    The Charm Embossing kit allows crafters to emboss any flat charm into foil or cardstock. It also expands Wizardcapabilities by allowing you to emboss and texturize with non-Spellbinders texture plates.
  • S5 Die Spacer Plate (W017)
    For use with the larger, S5 dies.
    This spacer plate works with the original Wizard and the purple Wizard. (The Raspberry Wizard requires the Magnetic Spacer Plate)
  • Enlarged Embossing Pads (W023)
    This set will accommodate the larger cutting mats and die templates.
    (Note: this product contains Natural Rubber Latex.) 5"X7"
  • Enlarged Cut Mat (W022)
    This set, longer than the originals, better acommodates larger die templates. (Always keep a master mat clean from cut marks in order to ensure that the marks do not etch into your embossed designs).
  • Magnetic Spacer Plate (W024)
    Use this plate in the Raspberry Wizard as the main spacer in cutting sandwiches. (Be sure to place the die template on the magnetic side with the cutting ridges away from the plate).
  • Grand Cut Mat Kit (W02)
    These are the mats and pads used for the borderabilities grand die templates.
    Qty 2 White Mats (approx size: 13-7/8" X 3")
    Qty 1 Embossing Pad (approx size: 12-7/8" x 2-7/8")
    Qty 1 Magnetic Spacer (approx size: 12-1/2" x 2-7/8")
    Tutorial how to use
  • 12 x 12 Tan Embossing Pad (W005)
    Allows you to control the depth of embossing when working with foil and cardstock. Can be cut to the size of your stencil
    (included with the Wizard machine).
  • Raspberry Spacer Plate (W025)
    For use with the raspberry Wizard machine W001 only.
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      Pilihan (Rp) Harga Stok Qty
    .   x. -not available any more- Charm Embossing Kit 185,000 0
    12557-die   W-017 : S5 Die Spacer Plate 80,000 1
    12557-enlarge   W-023 : Enlarged Embossing Pads 125,000 2
    .   x. -not available any more- W-022 : Enlarged Cut Mat 335,000 0
    12557-spacerplate   W-024 : Magnetic Spacer Plate 140,000 3
    .   x. -not available any more- W-026 : Grand Cut Mat Kit 425,000 0
    .   x. -not available any more- Tan Embossing Pad 305,000 0
    .   x. -not available any more- Raspberry Spacer Plate 125,000 0
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