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DVD Tribal Treasures **Bracelet Workshop** (English) /1pc
This is the Wire-Art Jewelry Tutorial you've been looking for! A fabulous full-day workshop condensed into one 150-minute DVD, Tribal Treasures will quickly take you through all the basic- through-intermediate techniques you need to make beautiful, durable wire-art jewelry. Chapters include:
  • Introduction
  • Tools and materials
  • Cleaning and polishing wire
  • Measuring and cutting wire accurately
  • Basic forging (hammering) techniques
  • How to make beautiful spiral dangles
  • Two different ways to make jump rings
  • How to make simple eye-pin loops
  • Making single-wrapped eye-pin loops
  • Making double-wrapped eye-pin loops
  • How to make bead dangles on headpins
  • Make your own shepherd's hook earrings
  • How to make a practical hook & eye clasp
  • Caged beads, and how to make them
  • Coiling wire to make beautiful bead wraps
  • Assembling your Tribal Treasures bracelet
  • Artificially aging jewelry with liver of sulfur
  • Polishing jewelry in a tumbler
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