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Premo! Sculpey Mini Metal Clay Cutters /1set

12 unique designs to make perfect shapes every time. Great for use with oven-bake clay for jewelry making, paper crafting.

  • Baby Shapes include: Rocking Horse, Teddy Bear, Carriage, Hand, Foot, Bottle,Special Delivery, Ducky, Rattle, Bootie, Heart & Onesie
  • Basic Shapes include: triangle, square, tear drop, rain drop, diamond, eye, heart, oval, flower, star, rectangle and circle.
  • Holiday include: Snowman, Heart, Shamrock, Bunny, Egg, Flag, Pumpkin, Turkey, Ghost, Stocking, Tree, Gingerbread Man.
  • Nature include: Tulip, Daisy, Bird, Butterfly, Caterpillar, Dragonfly, Birch Leaf, Oak Leaf, Maple Leaf, Seashell, Starfish, Sun.
  • Sweet Treats include: Cupcake, Candy, Ice Cream Cone, Apple, Cherry, Strawberry, Popsicle, Bread, Coffee Cup, Grapes, Watermelon, Sundae.
  • Wedding Shapes include: Ring, Bow, Cake, Heart, Bouquet, Cross, Tuxedo, Dove, Bell, High Heel, Dress and Champagne Flute.
  • Merk / Produsen: Sculpey

    id:12659 (sku:CC-PLCT-026E)  
      Pilihan (Rp) Harga Stok Qty
    12659-baby   Baby 285,000 6
    12659-basic   Basic Shapes (Geometric) 285,000 2
    12659-Circle   Circle 292,500 2
    12659-holiday   Holiday 285,000 3
    12659-ioval   Irregular Oval

    210,000 0 X
    12659-nature   Nature 285,000 3
    12659-itri   Irregular Triangle

    210,000 0 X
    12659-Drop   Tear Drop 292,500 3
    12659-heart   Heart

    210,000 1
    12659-irec   Irregular Rectangle

    210,000 0 X
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