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Swellegant ! Metal Coatings & Colorants / 1pc

“Swellegant!” is a wonderful line of metal coatings and colorants. There are 5 different Metal Coatings that can be used to coat most surfaces (polymer clay of course, but also metal, plaster, resin, wood, ceramic, and more!). If you would like to add “age” to your piece after it’s coated, you have 3 Patinas to choose from. To add color, select from a pallet of 13 Dye-Oxides. These are concentrated colors, but they’re transparent & they act like patinas, soaking into the other layers of your piece & transforming all the layers. All the metal coatings, patinas and dye-oxides can be layered in any order, as many times as you want–here a dab, there a splash–until you build up the look you want. And finally, a Clear Sealant will seal all your surface applications to preserve it just right and keep you clean if you’re wearing a piece as jewelry. This sealant is made especially for use with these products and adds absolutely no shine to the piece.
  • Size:
    • Sealant,Dye-Oxides: 1 oz
    • Metal Coating,Patina: 2 oz
  • Merk / Produsen: Christi Friesen

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    Booking Qty
    id:15533 (sku:FN-EF-A01024A)  
      Pilihan (Rp) Harga Stok Qty
    15533-0900   Sealant: Clear Sealant - 1oz 114,000 0
    15533-1000   Metal Coating: Brass 129,000 0
    15533-1010   Metal Coating: Copper 129,000 5
    15533-1020   Metal Coating: Bronze 129,000 0
    15533-1030   Metal Coating: Iron 129,000 0
    15533-1040   Metal Coating: Silver 129,000 0
    15533-1050   Patina: Tiffany Green/Rust (effects) 129,000 1
    15533-1060   Patina: Darkening (effects) 129,000 6
    15533-1070   Patina: Gold-Green/Verdigris (effects) 129,000 0
    15533-1080   Dye-Oxides: Aqua Green 114,000 2
    15533-1090   Dye-Oxides: Charcoal Black 114,000 4
    15533-1100   Dye-Oxides: Blood Red 114,000 2
    15533-1110   Dye-Oxides: Caribbean Blue 114,000 3
    15533-1120   Dye-Oxides: Chartreuse 114,000 2
    15533-1130   Dye-Oxides: Coffee Brown 114,000 4
    15533-1140   Dye-Oxides: Indigo 114,000 1
    15533-1150   Dye-Oxides: Kelly Green 114,000 13
    15533-1160   Dye-Oxides: Milk White 114,000 6
    15533-1170   Dye-Oxides: Spruce 114,000 4
    15533-1180   Dye-Oxides: Sun Yellow 114,000 4
    15533-1190   Dye-Oxides: Tangerine Orange 114,000 4
    15533-1200   Dye-Oxides: Violet 114,000 3
    15533-prep   Prep 114,000 1
    15533-skysappire   Patina: Sky Sapphire

    129,000 1
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