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Silhouette Cameo : Fabric Ink / 1pc
Silhouette fabric ink is the cleaner way to screen print at home. With the Silhouette you don't need screens, squeegees, or heat lamps and best of all the process is quick and clean. With your Silhouette and stencil vinyl, cut any design you can dream of and apply it to your fabric project. Mix your favorite color of ink and dab it onto your stencil with a brush or sponge. After just 20 minutes, you can remove the stencil and show off your newly printed piece of art. Silhouette fabric ink bottles measure 2 ounces and can produce 5-10 projects depending on intricacy.

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  Pilihan (Rp) Harga Stok Qty
15671-Black   Black 78,000 1
-   Blue 78,000 0
15671-Brown   Brown 78,000 0
15671-Cyan   Cyan 78,000 1
-   Gold 78,000 1
15671-Green   Green 78,000 0
-   Grey 78,000 1
15671-Magenta   Magenta 78,000 2
-   Orange 78,000 0
-   Purple 78,000 0
15671-Red   Red 78,000 0
-   Silver 78,000 0
15671-Tan   Tan 78,000 2
15671-White   White 78,000 0
15671-Yellow   Yellow 78,000 0
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