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Double-edge Rake / 1pc

Mainly used to scraping off the clay into flat.
Select the appropriate specification according to actual requirements using.
id:16612 (sku:CC-PLCT-0921A)  
  Pilihan (Rp) Harga Stok Qty
16612-25   25mm
a25mm x b15mm x c50mm
375,000 0 X
16612-50   50mm
a50mm x b15mm*c45mm
375,000 0 X
16612-75   75mm
a75mm x b15mm x c56mm
375,000 0 X
16612-100   100mm
a100mm x b20mm x c68mm
375,000 0 X
16612-125   125mm
a125mm x b20mm x c75mm
375,000 0 X
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