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Amazing Casting Resin Kit / 1set
Casting resin ( white color ) Amazing Casting Resin is the easiest and safest way to create exact cast replicas of practically anything in minutes! Simply mix equal amounts of resin and hardener and pour into your mold. Less than 10 minutes later remove a beautiful cast replica of your original.
Clear cast ( clear ) Amazing Clear Cast can be used as a casting resin or as a clear coat. It's low viscosity and 1:1 ratio by volume makes it easy to use. Bubble free castings can be achieved by slowly mixing and pouring the resin.

Basic Instructions: Casting resin ( white color )
  1. The first step in making a cast replica using Amazing Casting Resin is to measure out equal amounts of side "A" and side "B".
  2. Pour the two sides together into a new cup.
    Note: Do not use styrofoam cups for they may break down.
  3. Mix until a uniform color is reached (stir for approximately 25 seconds).
  4. Slowly pour the mixed casting resin into the mold. Tipping it a little while you pour will help fill in any undercuts and reduce the chance of air bubbles being trapped in your cast piece.
  5. As your Amazing Casting Resin sets up you will see it start to change colors from a translucent yellow color to an opaque white as seen in this picture.
  6. Once the Amazing Casting Resin hardens (approx. 5-10 min.), remove your cast part from the flexible mold. Your cast part will have the exact detail of your original part and can be painted, stained, machined, tapped, or glued.

Casting resin (white)
Clear cast ( clear )
  • Size( A+B ):16 oz (454.6ml)
    (8 oz x 2 bottles)
  • Merk / Produsen: Amazing

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