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Leather Edge beveler ( super pro) / 1pc

This edge bevelers cut a straight chamfer.
High-quality Edge beveler from Japanese production.
The variety of this series, through the production in 0.2 mm increments, ranging from edge beveler for the thinnest leather to very thick leathers. Our "special edge bevelers" cut a straight bevel and are designed so that they can be reground easily without much prior knowledge. For easy repolishing use our abrasive paste on a stripper or leather piece, for sharpening use our Micro-Mesh Abrasive and Polishing Cloth or our grindstones with a grain size of 1000 or 1200

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0   0.4mm : No.00 559,000 1
0   0.6mm : No.0 559,000 1
0   0.8mm : No.1 559,000 1
0   1.0mm : No.2 559,000 2
0   1.2mm : No.3 559,000 2
0   1.4mm : No.4 559,000 1
0   1.6mm : No.5 559,000 3
0   1.8mm : No.6 559,000 4
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