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Skiver Plane (Flat/Curve/Round Bottom)/ 1pc
This adjustable hand-crafted tool is designed to thin, skive, bevel and cut leather.
Easy to control over angle and degree of cutting. Give your projects a beautiful finish.
Ebony body provides durability and high-precision.
Made from high speed steel, giving you sharp blade that will last for long time and easy to skive the grain side and the edge of leather.

There is a 3 Type available (sold separately):
  • The flat sole plane is good for flat leather, for example, skiving the grain side of leather, or shaving the straight edges of leather.
  • The curved sole plane is better for the edges of leather that are curved, or for shaping leather, such as leather sculptures.
  • The flat soled plane with the convex sole is good for making folds, or gouging.
    Blade width: approx.18mm

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    18631round   8683-03 Round Bottom 375,000 1
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