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Nylon Tipped Forming Hammer ( Fretz brand ) / 1set
This Fretz® jeweler’s planishing hammer wields the weight of an all-metal head but with the forgiving, fine touch of a nylon face that won’t mar your metal. Nylon inserts are secured by a set-screw.
Designed by Bill Fretz, this jeweler's hammer is built for toughness and durability. The handle is made of Padauk wood, known for its strength, stability and beauty, and is oil-finished; it's specially shaped to give you a light touch, and the narrowed neck flexes slightly as you hammer for ultimate comfort. The head is cast from 420-grade stainless steel and tool hardened to 50 HRC for maximum durability and effectiveness.

Face sizes 25mm
Head length 87mm
Handle length 250mm
Type Large

Face sizes 19mm
Head length W/O ENDS 72mm
Handle length 220mm
Type Medium
Booking Qty
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-   HMR-107 Large Type
with 11 Nylon Inserts
2,057,900 0
-   HMR-7 Medium Type
with 9 Nylon Inserts
1,667,900 0
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