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Pellon #808 : Craft-Fuse Iron-On Stabilizer / 1pc

Craft-Fuse™ A non-woven Iron-on craft backing, adds strength and body Fast and Easy to use, Fuses easily in seconds, Machine Washable.
Great for Craft and Home Décor projects, kitchen and personal accessories, wall hangings and much, much more!
90% Polyester/10% Rayon -
Directions: (Always pre-test product and pre-wash fabrics. )

  1. Place shiny adhesive side of Craft Fuse or Décor Bond against wrong side of fabric.
  2. Use a hot, dry iron, a gliding action and slight pressure to iron Craft Fuse or Décor Bond to fabric.
For large areas, start ironing in the middle of the piece and work out toward the edges.
Care Instructions:
Machine wash warm. Tumble Dry Low. Use warm iron.
Special Techniques:
  • Accessories: Use Craft Fuse to add body and strength to fabrics used for projects such as eyeglass cases, tote bags, hat brims, visors, soft luggage, etc. For areas that require extra rigidity, use two layers.
  • Crafts: Create fabric flowers, ornaments, soft books, advent calendars, toys, etc.
  • Home Decorating: Craft Fuse can be used in a wide range of home decorating projects, including wall hangings, closet organizers, bed caddies, kitchen accessories, placemats, table runners and coasters.
  • For extra Creativity: Use Craft Fuse in conjunction with Pellon® Wonder Under® transfer fusing web. With this paper-backed web, you can add appliques and trims to your projects quickly and easily. Just press, cut, peel and fuse.
  • Size: 40 cm x 3.6 meter

  • Thickness approx. 0.4mm
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