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Leathercraft Water based dyes (Craft Sha) / 1pc

  • Bahan dasar : Water based
  • Kemasan 100cc
  • Bahan pewarna untuk kulit nabati (Vegetable tanned)

  • Size: 100 cc

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    Leather dye color : Antique Dye /1pc

  • 100ml

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    Edge side finish : Craft sha Toko pro / 1 pc

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    Leather care : Craft Sha 100% Pure Neatsfoot Oil /1pc

    Neatsfoot Oil has been around since the 18th century and is most commonly used as a leather preservative. However, this universal moisturizer can also be used as a beauty aid and a household product. It softens and conditions almost anything you apply it to and is a great product to keep around the house.
    The Craft Sha Neatsfoot Oil is an original and Natural, best way to treat and preserve your leather!
    How To Use:

    • Simply add a few drops of Neatsfoot oil to a soft, lint-free cloth and work onto the surface of your leather, repeat as needed.
    • Please note, as is the case with most leather treatments, this product may permanently darken lighter coloured leathers.

  • Size: 100ml
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    Leather craft kit : Leather Hand Sewing set /1set

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    Manual type hot melt gluer /1unit

    A gluing machine that is lightweight at 300 g and enables quick and accurate gluing work.
    It is possible to paste uniformly (thin application thickness 0.1 mm) simply by putting a special glue into the body and rolling the roller.
    Of course, it is also useful for bagging edge, sticky paste and sewing.
    The safety features are excellent, such as design with attention to glue leakage and sticking and self-supporting function.
    In addition to leather, it can also be used on cloth, wood, plastic, nylon, etc., so it works well in DIY.
    The width of the roller can be selected from 3, 5 mm.
    An optional 3, 5, 6 or 10mm wide attachment roller can be ordered.

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    Keen Edge Sharpener / 1pc

    The Keen Edge Sharpenig Guide helps keep your swivel knife blade at the proper angle while sharpening (sharpening stone sold separately).
    It also has an indicator mark cut into the sliding barrel so you know exactly where to set it to get the 30° angle we use. This can be adjusted in or out to fine tune the angle to your liking.

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    Cutter : LeatherCraft Knife (Craft sha brand) /1pc

    Cut the leather and grind the leather. A leather knife that is an indispensable tool for those who handle leather.
    Born in the Taisho era, has been supporting the craftsmen for a long time, "Shuji" is a brand that boasts the highest quality.
    The blade made by Hitachi Metals Yasuki Steel Aogami No. 1 and carefully finished by the fire making process achieves excellent sharpness and long-lasting, while also making it easy to sharpen the unique two-layer structure of steel and soft iron. You are
    In addition, Park's wooden handle that conveys the power of the user has the charm of becoming familiar with the hand as you use it.
    Please choose from 24mm to 48mm according to your preferences and applications from a wide range of sizes.
    30 to 39 mm is recommended for beginners.

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    Cutter : LeatherCraft Knife Naked Blade ( made in Japan ) / 1pc

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    Leather Edge beveler (made in Japan) / 1pc

    This edge bevelers cut a straight chamfer.
    High-quality Edge beveler from Japanese production.

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    Leather grinder replacement blade type/1unit

    A lightweight and compact household leather lapping machine has been released from Japan's machine manufacturer NIPPY.
    The feature is the size no matter what.
    The unprecedented A4 size body is very lightweight compared to conventional leather looms with a weight of 12 kg, so it can be moved and stored anywhere you like.
    In addition, since the blade is a replaceable blade type, it can be revived immediately by replacing it when it becomes dull.
    There is no need to grind or adjust the position of the blade while flying the sparks.
    The front panel can be changed, and the body color is a fashionable specification that can be selected from black and white.
    You can choose according to your taste and the atmosphere of the studio.
    It is one of the first leather leather machines and a recommended sub-machine for work.

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    Modeller tool : Craft sha brand /1pc

    Alat untuk "figure carving" di atas kulit , atau membuat celukan / sculpting, diatas permukaan kulit nabati

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    Craft Sha Hand Sewing Needle for leather

    Jarum jahit dari Craft Shah ini secara khusus dibuat untuk urusan menjahit kulit.
    Made in Japan.

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    Stitching hole punch - Diamond shape ( CraftSha brand) /1pc

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