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Concrete Starter Kit for Jewelry / 1set
EnCapture Artisan Concrete™ is a unique, texture-rich medium that offers a wide range of new possibilities for designers of every skill level. Embed a variety of treasures such as stones, glass, and metal to create visual interest and contrast in your finished pieces.
EnCapture is very versatile. It can be dyed with pigments or painted or stained when dry. Mold it into a shape or put it in a closed or open-backed bezel. Experiment with adding carved or stamped texture. Sure to "Capture" the artist's imagination within you, EnCapture Artisan Concrete™ will propel your creativity and bring you many satisfying hours of making unique, authentic jewelry.

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Clay tools : Modelling tools mini series / 1 set (12 pcs)
  • Guna : untuk membentuk (sculpting) clay (polymer clay, metal clay, wax clay, resin clay dll), atau tujuan modelling / membuat diorama dll.
  • Setiap model punya kegunaan sendiri sendiri
  • 1 set terdiri dari 14 jenis tool (double end : jadi ada 28 jenis model)
  • Note : set ini ada benda tajamnya, tidak cocok untuk anak anak.
  • Terbuat dari "NON-stick" plastic, sehingga clay tidak menempel, mudah di bersihkan.
  • Panjang alat : kira kira 115mm.

ID: 12548 Stok: 4 Rp
Clay tools : Modelling tools PRO series / 1 set (9 pcs)
  • Guna : untuk membentuk (sculpting) clay (polymer clay, metal clay, wax clay, resin clay dll), atau tujuan modelling / membuat diorama dll.
  • Setiap model punya kegunaan sendiri sendiri
  • 1 set terdiri dari 9 jenis tool (double end : jadi ada 18 jenis model)
  • Note : set ini ada benda tajamnya, tidak cocok untuk anak anak.
  • Terbuat dari "NON-stick" plastic, sehingga clay tidak menempel, mudah di bersihkan.
  • Panjang alat : kira kira 165mm.

ID: 12549 Stok: 3 Rp
Carving tools for clay and wax / 1set ( 4pc )
  • These tools actually carve clay or wax rather than scraping it.
  • 1 set has 4 shapes with 2 sizes of one shape on each tool.
  • Each loop has one cutting edge.
  • Stainless steel construction, 178mm long.

ID: 3727 Stok: 2 Rp
Carving tools for clay and wax / 1set ( 2pc )
  • These tools actually carve clay or wax rather than scraping it.
  • 1 set has 2 shapes with 2 sizes of one shape on each tool.
  • Each end has a SCOOP shape, popular used in pottery or wax carving.
  • Stainless steel construction, 135mm long.

ID: 12547 Stok: 6 Rp
Cutters Set / 1set
* Set of a handle with 1 roller, 1 cutter and 1 wave cutter.
* Roll out the clay to desired thickness.
* Use cutters for cutting straight or wavy lines.

ID: 81 Stok: 1 Rp
Slick Lube 412 / 1pc
Slick Lube 412 is the most advanced coolant on the market today. A 100% synthetic polymer coolant which is a unique blend of wetting agents lubricants and rust inhibitors. Excellent for drilling and cutting with diamond instruments. Slick Lube contains no nitrosamines phenols nitrates sulphur chlorine phosphates or oil. It controls dermatitis with the addition of skin conditioners. Mix 1 part Slick Lube and 10 parts water and you have the best in a water soluble lubricant.

  • 8 oz.
  • ID: 15507 Stok: 2 Rp
    Anticlastic Aluminum Bracelet Press /1set

    ID: 15403 Stok: 1 Rp
    Polishing tools : brush pen / 1pc

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    Stok: 41 Rp
    Basic Jewelry Finishing Tools Kit-12 pc / 1 set
    This accessory kit features an attractive wood base and twelve of the handiest tools for working PMC. All tools have 3/32 (2.35mm) shanks
    Set includes: 3 brushes 1 buff 2 burs 1 drill 1 texturing wheel 2 grinding points and 2 silicone polishing points. These are the same tools used by manufacturing professionals for cleaning texturizing polishing and shaping.

  • Size : 120x90x70mm /170gr
  • ID: 6702 buy 2 = 10%
    Stok: 1 Rp
    Rotary Tool Accessory Kit - 30 pc (Jewelry Polishing and Shaping Kit) / 1 set
    This new kit brings together a nice variety of accessories for cutting and shaping, grinding, buffing and texturing. Contains 30 pieces; supplies with a plastic holder that has tabs on the bottom allowing you to tilt the stand at an angle for easier access, if needed.

  • Size:(Holder)125x78x23mm
  • ID: 22811 Stok: 1 Rp
    Felt bob assortment -12pc / 1 set
    Top quality assortment of felt bobs are mounted on 3/32 mandrels. The set comes packaged in a handy, twelve-compartment box with easy reference lid for convenience in storing, using and reordering.

  • 3/32 inch mandrels
  • ID: 22812 Stok: 1 Rp
    Bench top Polisher Buffing motor : Eurotool ( USA ) / 1set
    • Ini adalah motor untuk buffing (poles) / polishing (gosok) / grinding (gerinda).
      Produk ini sangat di rekomendasikan, karena harga yang jauh lebih murah di banding merek Foredom, dan mutunya sudah kami coba cukup bagus.
    • Motornya sudah di "Balanced", sehingga biarpun putaran tinggi, tidak bergetar banyak.
    • Bagian kaki ada karet, sehingga tidak bergeser, stabil di tempat.
    • Berikut :
      - 2 buah "tappered spindle", untuk memasang buffing di kedua ujungnya.
      - 2 buah pengganti "motor brush" (buat maintenance).
    Electric1/6 HP 110V
    Height from spindle center100mm
    Length 160x135mm, 330(mm)
    Weight 2.3kg
    Spindle diameter F8mm

    ID: 18691 Stok: 1
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    Splash Guard for Benchtop Polisher ( Eurotool ) / 1pc
    Keep your work area clean and free of flying debris with our new Splash Guard for Benchtop Polisher.
    • Adjustable clear plastic visor.
    • Rubber feet on bottom to prevent slipping.
    • Small footprint allows room to work without taking excess space on your workbench.
    Dimensions: 14.25" x 5.75" x 7.5". Weight: 4.5 lbs.

    ID: 18681 Stok: 1 Rp
    Bench Polisher Buffing accessories : Drill Chuck / 1set
    Works for shanks up to 6.5mm.
    Includes chuck key and wrench to attach to Benchtop Polisher.
    For use on right hand side of Benchtop Polisher for clockwise drilling.

    ID: 18685 Stok: 3 Rp
    3M Radial disc adapter hub / 1 set (2pc)
    This is the Radial Disc Adapter Hub for the 3" Inch 3M Radial Bristle Cleaning and Polishing Discs.
    • Use with 3" Inch 3M Radial Bristle Cleaning and Polishing Discs 3m Radial Disc Adapter Hub
    • Sold Per pack of 2 SETS ( 4 pcs part)

    ID: 18684 Stok: 2 Rp
    Agate burnisher / 1pc
    Natural agate stone burnishers are the perfect tool for metal clay work applying gold and silver foil or Keum–boo applications. Also works to burnish unfired metal clay. Can be used like a steel burnisher for smoothing metals and closing bezels but unlike steel burnishers they will not damage stones.
    Length: 240mm

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    Stok: 5 Rp
    Mini mandrel holder (arbor) / 1pc
    • Mini Mandrels are designed for use on rotary tools, with Flex Shaft Handpieces, units such as Foredom or Dremel and More...
    • Numerous types of accessories can be held onto these mandrels… in an assortment sizes and of various materials. Mandrels can be used in Grinding, Cutting, Cleaning and Polishing tasks.
    • Miniature mandrels for holding Discs, Rubberized, Abrasives, Felt, Silicone, Cones, Cylinders, Circular Saws, Buffs and Wheels are a few of the many examples and types.
    • Diameter shaft : 3/32" (2.35mm) and 1/8"(3.2mm)
      made of Steel and finished in Nickel Plating.

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    Stok: 185 Rp
    Tube Cutting Plier / 1pc
    Tube Cutting Pliers make it easy for the user to hold tubing or small rods while sawing. This version of the duck billed pliers features a narrow groove down the center of the jaws for the sawblade to follow making it quick and simple. Pliers will hold tubing from 2.0 up to 10mm outside diameter. 7 -175mm-

    ID: 6165 Stok: 3 Rp
    Cordless Bead Reamer with 3 tips / 1set
    The cordless bead reamer is a great tool to smooth and enlarge bead holes. Light weight and easy to use, it comes with 3 tips, small pointed, 45° edger and large pointed reamer. With a comfortable molded handle, and 10,000 RPM operating speed, bead reaming is made easy. Easily change bead reamer tips from collet by hand with no tools required. Reamer collet cap included to protect the moving spindle when not in use. This unit is powered by 2 AA batteries (not included). Always wear safety glasses when using this tool.

    ID: 4233 Stok: 0
    Nylon Tipped Forming Hammer - with 9 Faces (tru strikes brand) / 1set
    Nylon tipped forming hammer has an all-metal head with changeable nylon faces that will not mar your metal. The set includes nine nylon peg inserts in a variety of shapes that are easily changed and secured by a set-screw. Perfect for raising, planishing and embossing work. Hammer weight 4 oz with two nylon tips attached. Overall length 9.5 inches

    ID: 18738 Stok: 3 Rp
    Smithing Chasing hammer / 1pc

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    Stok: 6 Rp
    Mini Stake Forming Set / 1set
    For forming and raising, this 12pc Mini Stake Forming Set is perfect for small-scale projects. Stakes are made of hardened steel and polished to a mirror finish.
    Set includes:
    • 10 Mini Forming Stakes
    • Wood Stand
    • Stake Vise & Holder

    ID: 18720 Stok: 1 Rp
    Double-Ended Forming Stake Set / 1set
    Heavy-duty metal forming stakes allow the user to form both synclastic and anticlastic shapes.

    ID: 18721 Stok: 1 Rp
    Steel Riveting Block / 1pc
    With this Steel Riveting Block, there is no more guesswork on the length of wire to be cut. Use the holes at the top to pre-cut the perfect length of wire for your projects. The holes in the middle are about 1.8mm deep, thus every cut is just the right amount of wire needed to create "head" on both sides. The dimples on the left side are used for support when riveting in order to hold the shape of the rounded rivet head. The circles on the right side are for riveting eyelets in 3 different sizes without flattening the rounded rims. Dimples on the side of the block are for rivets and on the opposite side are circles for eyelets. Both of these sides are for CURVED surfaces and must be mounted in a vise.

  • Size:65x37x9mm
  • ID: 14774 Stok: 0