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Hearty clay 50 gram / 1pc
  • Material : Inorganic flour
  • Characteristic : super lightweight,pliant and easy to handle
  • Coloring : acrylic, water based paint, or mixing with hearty color clay.
    Using cyan, magenta, yellow, and black "Hearty color pigment", which is colored clay made for mixing, you can make any color in the color circle of the three primary colors. Also, you can get light and pale colors by mixing in white, and dark colors by mixing in black
    "Hearty clay natural color" is convenient when making wood, leaves and stems of imitation flowers.
  • Usage : miniature cake, doll, flower etc
  • Packing : 50gr
  • Once opened, please wrap hearty clay with saran wrap and put in the airtight storage.

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Hearty clay 200 gram / 1pc
  • Material : Inorganic flour
  • Characteristic : super lightweight,pliant and easy to handle
  • Coloring : acrylic, water based paint
  • Usage : miniature cake, doll, flower etc
  • Packing : 200gr
  • Once opened, please wrap hearty clay with saran wrap and put in the airtight storage.

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Padico Mermaid puffy clay 50gram / 1pc
  • Material : Resin clay
  • Characteristic : lightweight, and water resistant, also quite strong for bending.
  • Coloring : acrylic, waterbased paint.
  • Usage : Suitable to make miniature chocolate, macaroons, marshmallows etc.
  • Packing : 50gr

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Air dry clay : La Doll / 1pc
  • Material : Natural stone clay
  • Characteristic : La Doll is ideal for all sculpturing. Smooth consistency enables clay to be stretched out thinly. It is water-based, so fresh clay can be added with water. Once dry, sanding will create a satin finish. It is carved like soft wood. It renders beautiful results with most any painting, decorating medium and varnish.
  • Coloring : any paint
  • Packing : 500gram

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Air dry clay : La Doll Premix /1pc
  • Material : Natural stone clay
  • Characteristic : Premix, like La Doll, is the super fine material for all sculpturing. Easy-to model, it is all natural stone clay. It won’t crumble and it is good for work that requires fine detail. It dries hard with minimal shrinkage. Excellent for prototypes.
  • Coloring : any paint
  • Packing : 400gram
  • La Doll premix is a combination of La Doll and La Doll Premier.
    It has combined all the benefits of both clays. Premix is stronger, better to work with and better to sand. It is a superb clay for the most delicate figures in air dry clay. The clay is fine textured with almost no fibers in it, very pliable and easy to work with. It hardly sticks on your hands. It is simply wonderful clay!

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Air dry clay : La Doll Premier / 1pc
  • Material : Natural stone clay
  • Characteristic : Premier is a new, super light weight stone clay. It is soft and easy to blend with other clay to get the desired consistency. It dries to a light weight, so it is ideal for work that requires a large piece and hanging display. Also, it dries to be hard and it is excellent for detailed work. Pure white.
  • Coloring : any paint
  • Packing : 300gram
  • La Doll Premier is like La Doll Satin Smooth, but with a finer body, allowing for greater detail, exceptional strength, ultra-lightweight pieces, and a bright white finish. LaDoll Premier is a stiffer version than original La Doll but it works well for small, delicate areas such as fingers. Premier can be blended easily with La Doll Satin Smooth.

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Air dry clay : La Doll Cloth Clay / 1pc
Ini adalah bahan untuk membuat kain menjadi keras
Biasanya dipakai untuk membuat baju/rok untuk patung.
Celupkan kain kedalam cairan ini (di kuas juga bisa), tunggu hingga kering, maka kain anda akan keras seperti terbuat dari clay.
Juga bisa dipakai sebagai bahan "repair", untuk memperbaiki clay jenis Ladoll, Formo, Premier, Premix dll, yang hasilnya kurang halus. (berpori). Kuaskan bahan cloth clay ini keatas clay yang mau di perbaiki, tunggu kering , dan gunakan amplas halus untuk memperhalus permukaan.
  • Warna : putih
  • Material : semi liquid clay
  • isi perbotol 600 gram

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Padico Modeling Cast / 1pc
Air drying Casting Slip " Modeling Cast "
Make your own lightweight and firm castings without a kiln
  • You can make dolls like bisque dolls with Modeling Cast without using an oven. You do not have to worry about the place to bake or fire, Modeling Cast can be used in any room. Modeling Cast refers to the liquid clay made with new mixing by Padico.
  • Pieces made with the slip have strength and lightweight. When a piece comes out of a plaster mold, it can be carved like the clay art.
  • This Modeling Cast is intended only with plaster molds, not for silicone molds.

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Padico Mica powder / 1pc
  • Material : Mica powder
  • Color : white
  • Net weight : 30grams

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Air dry clay : Artista Soft / 1pc
  • Material : main ingredients are potato flour and rice flour, contains no toxins or resins.
  • Characteristic : It is extremely light to use and contains its own glue and as such will not stick to your hands. An opaque paste, it is virtually unbreakable when dry.
    It can be steamed to set powder colours when dry then glazed with confectioners glaze, or any other spray glaze you normally use. It must be noted that all colours dry darker.
  • Usage : Suitable for flower-making, jewellery, figurines or any kind of craft project.
  • Coloring : Acrylic or water based paint. Combined with Hearty clay, it is possible to produce bright colour
  • Packing : 200gram

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Padico Fuwa Fuwa Puffy clay ( Fluffy) / 1set
Satu set ini terdiri dari 2 bahan (A dan B) yang harus anda campur sebelum dipakai. Apabila mengering bahan ini akan mengembang dan empuk, sehingga cocok untuk membuat tiruan Donat atau Sponge cake dll
Dijual per SET (A: 100gram, B: 40gram)

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Padico Silicon Whip clay / 1pc
  • 50 gr
    Contains 50gr whipped clay + Tip 6cut
  • 100 gr
    Contains 100gr whipped clay (without Tip)
  • Tip only
    Contains Tip only which is different from the above.
    This is 8cut and 5cut

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Padico Creamy Whip Cream set / 1pc
characteristics :
  • The surface is matte texture whipped cream and provide a more realistic feel.
  • Sold in a SET which includes : 120g whipped cream clay, triangular bags, aperture tip and spoon

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Decoration sauce / 1pc
Decoration sauce ini digunakan untuk mendapatkan hasil yang mirip sauce sebenarnya. cocok untuk dipakai diatas whipped type clay.
Gunakan diatas clay yang telah kering.
1 botol berisi 10cc sauce.

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Tanoshii Kami nendo ( Happy paper clay ) / 1pc
  • This paper clay contains "stone powder mixture" which makes it possible to get more detailed modelling compared with tratitional paper clay.
  • Suitable for professional figure artist.

  • Size: 1000 gram
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    Karui Kami nendo ( Karu Garu ) / 1 pc
    • Very light (much lighter than ordinary paper clay on the market). If you finish it with water proof coating, it will float on water ( to make ships etc).
    • It is very easy to work with hands (much pliable compared with ordinary paper clay
    • Color is vivid white, easy to paint with other light color to get bright color such as yellow, pastel color etc.

  • Size: 480 gram
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    Padico Wood Formo / 1pc (500g)
    • Air Dry and it takes around 2-3 days to dry depending on thickness of the item.
    • When dried, It will have a wood like look. and just like wood, you can carve it further with carving knife.
    • Excellent for craft such as miniature food, doll, bird model, trees etc.

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    Clay tools : Padico Palette knife / 1pc
    Clay palette knife is one of the essential tools for metal clay work. You'll use it to make, stir and apply paste, to move work from place to place, cut off chunks of clay, etc. Some call this a spatula. Polished stainless steel blade. The blade is very thin and flexible.

  • Size: (Length)205mm
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    Clay tools : Rod for Clay ( Padico ) / 1pc
    • Fluorine Roll Bar 2mm Fluorine Roll Bar has a 2mm blunt point end for small scale sculpting, punching holes, shaping, refining and smoothing clay.
      It is a useful for making frilled flower petals.
      The fluorine clay tool is easy to keep clean.
    • Plastic Rod 2pieces set Plastic craft rod is a set of 2 clay tools with a round tip and a pentagon one.
      The light and durable tools are useful for making small and thin parts like frilled flower petals, leaves, and fake sweets.

  • Length: 17cm
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    Clay tools : Padico hera (spatula) / 1set
    Basic tool set for cutting, texturing, and fine detailing the clay.
    Set of 3 includes mallet, rasp and chisel.
    # Mallet for creating indentations, rounding textures, concaving surfaces, lining textures and clay cutting.
    # Rasp for texturing, making patterns, creating lines, and cutting.
    # Chisel for making small holes, dots, fine detail, surface finishing and color blend.

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    Clay tools : Padico Sculpting wire loop set / 1set (3pc)

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    Clay roller ( rolling pin ) : Padico / 1pc
    Use it for thinning clay.
    The inside is light in the cavity, the surface has been processed fine streaks so clay becomes difficult to adhere.
    Because it is a very fine streak, the clay surface finishes smoothly.
    Even a thick clay with a diameter of 30 cm and a waist is reasonable, it can be stretched firmly.

  • 30x180mm
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    Padico Art presser / 1pc

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    Color Scale and Chart for clay / 1pc
    Anda kesulitan mencampur warna clay untuk mendapatkan hasil yang di inginkan ?
    Dengan "color scale" ini, dengan mudah anda dapat mencampur beberapa warna dan mendapatkan hasil yang selalu konstan.
    Set ini berikut takaran dan color chart (resep perbandingan campuran) untuk mendapatkan warna tertentu.

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    Clay Cutter : roller cutter / 1pc

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