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Dry Ace Marker / 1pc

Marker ini mempunyai kelebihan yang unik dibandingkan dengan marker merek lain. Repot karena buka tutup marker berkali-kali? Anda bisa coba pakai marker ini, karena bisa dipakai dengan tutup terbuka sepanjang hari. Dan yang pasti markernya tidak kering dan bisa dipakai seperti biasa.

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PILOT FriXion Light Erasable Highlighter / 1set

These amazing FriXion Light highlighters are erasable!
While highlighting textbooks and notes, sometimes you might accidentally highlight the wrong word, or you might over-highlight a chapter and want to un-highlight certain sections.
If you're using the FriXion Light highlighters, that's no problem, because you can erase your highlighting! Simply use the rubber "eraser" tip at the top of the highlighter. The ink disappears cleanly, and there are no eraser shavings.
The highlighters are eco-friendly too, made of 87% recycled materials.
FriXion ink is a thermosensitive ink that can be erased by rubbing. Interestingly, erased ink reappears at temperatures below 14° F (-10° C).
A freezer is cold enough to make this happen. Due to the thermosensitive nature of FriXion ink, we advise against using it for mailings, or leaving the written materials in hot cars or in environments that expose them to a lot of friction.

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Shachihata Kawakima Marker / 1 pc

Marker ini mempunyai kelebihan yang unik dibandingkan dengan marker merek lain. Repot karena buka tutup marker berkali-kali? Anda bisa coba pakai marker ini, karena bisa dipakai dengan tutup terbuka sepanjang hari. Dan yang pasti markernya tidak kering dan bisa dipakai seperti biasa.

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Uni Mitsubishi Paint Marker / 1pc

Oil base paint in a handy marker. The most popular paint marker on the market.
Marks on virtually every surface. Extensively used by manufacturers, construction professionals and hobbyists.
Great for marking sheet metal, auto parts, glass, pipes, wood, concrete, leather, stone, tile.

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Uni Posca BlackBoard Posca / 1pc

NEW Posca Blackboard is weather resistant but wipes off easily using a damp cloth. Ideal for use in pubs, restaurants, shops etc.

  • ATT-AT-2M01Z1
    Zebra McKee Big Marker Double Tip / 1 pc

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    Zebra McKee Double Tip Paint Marker / 1pc

    Paint marker ini berisi formula cat ( bukan tinta) yang tidak merembes dan cepat kering di berbagai permukaan dengan hasil permanent yang jelas dan akurat.
    Cocok juga digunakan untuk mengecat model plastik atau memberi tanda di kulit dan karet.
    Extra Fine size : 1.2mm and 0.7mm
    Regular size : 8mm and 2mm

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    Holbein Acrylic Ink Empty Pump /1pc

    A dedicated refilling marker container which can be used by filling with acrylic [ink].
    You can put your favorite color into four kinds of marker containers with different shapes.
    It is also possible to create your own original marker by color mixing. Expanding the possibilities of expression.
    (Pearl type color is clogged at the tip and can not be used.)

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    Tombow Mono Standard Eraser / 1pc

    Tombow Mono eraser is the most popular and long-selling brand in Asia. It comes in many size. It erases very very well and will not damage paper.

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    Tombow Mono Smart Eraser / 1pc

    Tombow Mono Smart eraser features a slim and long body that is easy to hold by hand and easy to carry in pencil case.

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    Tombow Mono Dust Catch Eraser / 1pc

    The “Tack-polymers” of the MONO dust CATCH gather most of the erasing residues, so they are not spread around.
    This makes it ideal for a living space, classroom, kid's room, café, etc.
    No need to clean up the room after finishing study or work!

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    Tombow Mono Air Touch Eraser / 1pc

    This eraser very special because it's micro air capsules and special oils enable extremely low resistance when erasing. (40% lower than regular "MONO" erasers)
    At the same time, it offers the same high quality and erasing power of the standard MONO brand erasers.

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    Tombow Mono series Eraser / 1pc

    Tombow has created the thinnest and most agile eraser line on the market!
    The insightful designer created an eraser that logically fits its function. With pencil leads so thin, the correction tool should be an eraser that is shaped similarly to its nemesis.

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    Tombow Mono series Eraser Refill / 1 pack

    Eraser refill for Mono series Eraser.

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    Mono One Eraser Refill / 1pc

    This is a refill for Mono One Eraser.
    The MONO one is easy to refill. Unscrew the eraser until you here a “click”. Hold the MONO one upside down and flip the holder until the rest of the eraser drops off. Insert the new refill and rotate in counter-clockwise direction.
    (Standard, Air Touch or Dust Catch)

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    Tombow Mono note / Compact Correction Tape / 1pc

    TOMBOW understands the inconvenience of applying correction tape when the tape is too wide to cover more than necessary. Striving to provide the most pleasurable experience to its users, TOMBOW designs MONO Note Correction Tape. It features extra-thin 2.5 mm tape for covering small mistakes with precision. You need not worry about scrapping the high-quality tape when using fine ballpoint pens.
    The eraser size correction tape is handy and will never be a burden to your pen case. Carry this standard MONO Note Correction tape with you and correction becomes the easiest task ever.
    Note: we sell only standard color, other colors available only by special orders with minimum 10 pcs each color.
    DIMENSIONS: W60.5 x H25.5 x D13.5mm WIDTH: 2.5mm LENGTH: 4m WEIGHT: 20g

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    Sakura Arc Foam Eraser / 1 pc

    Penghapus Arc Foam Eraser dari Sakura ini lebih kenyal dan lebih tahan tidak patah tiga kali lipat dibandingkan penghapus biasa. Didesain khusus di Jepang dengan tambahan kandungan melamin di dalam karetnya : memberikan daya tahan yang lebih tinggi terhadap gesekan. Desain cover luarnya membuat penghapus ini tidak mudah patah. Garis di cover penghapus memberi bantuan indikasi dimana penghapus muda dipegang.
    Bubuk sisa penghapusnya juga mudah dibersihkan.
    Tersedia 2 pilihan : warna hitam dan putih.

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    2 Way Correction Tape and Eraser / 1pc

    • 2 Way Correction Tape and Eraser Those of us who often use both pen and pencil (or a pen + pencil multi pen!) will find that the Tombow Mono 2way Correction Tape + Eraser is the perfect all-in-one correction tool. One end has a slide-out correction tape head, while the other has a twist-out eraser. Both can be retracted when not in use, ensuring protection against damage.
      The correction tape and eraser are refillable. (not included)
    • 2 Way Correction Tape and Eraser Refill
      • For Correction Tape Refill is 5mm wide and 6meter length
      • For Eraser Tape is 2pc per pkg

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    Staedtler Mars Plastic eraser & PVC-Free eraser

    Staedtler Mars Plastic dan Staedtler PVC-Free
    Jaminan kebersihan kertas anda baik dalam kebutuhan seni maupun
    pekerjaan kantor

    Mars Plastic :
    Kualitas premium, bebas latex
    Bekas gosokan yang halus
    Pembungkus cellophane
    Pembungkus kertas yang dapat digeser
    Terbuat dari vynil

    Staedtler PVC-Free :
    Bebas pvc, phthalate, dan latex
    Bekas gosokan halus dan sedikit
    Pembungkus cellophane

    Produk buatan Jerman

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    Staedtler Karat Art eraser 5427 / 1pc

    Kneadable special-purpose and cleaning eraser
    STAEDTLER karat art eraser is a special-purpose and cleaning eraser which easily lifts off and removes traces of pastel, graphite and charcoal. This high-quality, smudge-free eraser offers you ideal support when working with chalks, charcoals and pencils.
    Size: 40×36×11mm
    Weight: 21.8gram

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    Stainless Erasing Shield / 1pc

    Made of high quality polished flexible stainless steel with precision tooled openings for accurate erasing techniques. Ideal for design, drafting and various technical drawing projects.
    material: made of stainless spring steel

    Currently out of stock by the manufacturer. The next arrival is scheduled for December or later.

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    Bottle cap twin pencyl sharpener / 1 pc

    The Bottle Cap Twin Pencil Sharpener, made by stationary maker Shachihata is an ingenious design idea. The sharpener can be screwed onto almost every 500ml PET bottle which then can be used as a container for the shavings. Most (empty) 500 ml drink bottles will do. After use just discard the shavings with the bottle. The sharpener itself won’t take up much space in your bag.
    The Bottle Cap Twin Pencil Sharpener comes in pink and blue and supports the standard pencil size (diameter 8mm) and color pencils.
    Weight: 9g
    Size: 30mm x 50mm x 36mm

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    Staedtler Mars 502 Lead sharpener tub / 1pc

    • Sharpener for 2 mm leads
    • Automatic sharpening stop
    • With measurement device for adjusting sharpening cone
    • Metal lead sharpener
    • Integrated dust wiper
    • Made in Japan

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    Scotch: Restickable Glue Stick /1pc

    Ini adalah glue stick yang "restickable", artinya nempelnya tidak permanen mati namun bisa di pindah pindahkan ( seperti Post-it )
    Setelah anda oleskan, tunggu sebentar (1 menit), baru di tempel.
    NOTE : kalau backorder , hanya bisa kami supply yang bungkus bhs Jepang saja , tolong ordernya pilih yang Japanese packaging.

  • NET WT: .26 OZ(7.5g)
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    Kokuyo Dot Liner ( Tape glue ) Petit plus / 1pc

    Ini adalah cara baru untuk menempel kertas tanpa menggunakan lem, cocok untuk pekerjaan craft, scrapbooking, maupun pekerjaan menempel lainnya.
    Tentunya anda pernah mengalami pekerjaan mengelem yang menjengkelkan, lengket kemana mana, dan kertas yang di lem karena basah jadi mengkerut kan ? , Nah.. dengan dot liner ini semua kejengkelan akan berubah jadi kepuasan
    Buatan Kokuyo Japan.

    Note : ini jenis sekali pakai (tidak bisa di isi ulang)
    Ukuran : 7mm x 10 meter.

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