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Third hand, #5-A / 1set
The two adjustable arms with alligator clips can be adjusted to any position to hold small items. Cast iron base.

ID: 7966 Stok: 4 Rp
Octopus Clamp / 1pc
This third hand type kit features many different clamps and configurations. Great for model building, electronics, etc. It can be clamped to a table or bench and allows for unlimited and very flexible work holding options.
This clamp set is perfect for holding wires during soldering or small parts during assembly.

ID: 18571 Stok: 0
Dritz Pressing Tailor's Ham and Seam Roll / 1pc
  • DRITZ-Seam Roll Use this roll for pressing seams open on long and narrow areas.
    size: 240x76mm
  • DRITZ-Tailor's Ham Use this tool to help while pressing and molding darts, sleeve caps and curved seams.
    size: 190x127x89mm
It is made of 99.5% sawdust, .25% cotton and .25% acrylic.

**Color may vary.**

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Stok: 4 Rp
Thread burner tool : Thread Zap 2 Cord Zap / 1 pc
Alat ini berfungsi untuk memotong sekaligus membakar ujung benang agar tidak mudah terurai. Dioperasikan dengan baterai ukuran AA 1 buah

Tekan tombol di bagian tengah, maka ujung solder akan menjadi sangat panas. tempelkan ujung yang panas ini di ujung benang yang akan dipotong atau di bakar.

Cynthia Rutledge, Laura McCabe pun merekomendasikan alat ini.

ID: 4498 Ada pilihan
Stok: 18 Rp
Quilt Pounce Pads for Stencil Marking / 1 pack
If you're like most quilters you're probably tired of spending hours marking your quilt top. With the Quilt Pounce it's never been easier to do the most tedious part of making a quilt. Using a Pounce pad basically involves two steps. First, position the stencil where you want to transfer it and second, rub the Pounce Pad over the design to transfer the chalk powder through the mesh openings of the design.
  • Blue Chalk Pounce Pad: Brush/Wash off Blue Chalk, for use on multi colors, busy prints etc. The chalk shows up well on darks as well as lights. Use when Pink is a prevalent color in the quilt for optimum contrast.
  • White Chalk Pounce Pad: Brush/Wash off White Chalk, for use on dark fabrics
  • Ultimate Pounce Pad: Iron off white Chalk

ID: 21561 Ada pilihan
Stok: 18 Rp
Edge dyeing pen ( roller pen ) / 1 pc
Alat ini untuk memberi warna di pinggiran kulit.
Karena bahannya dari metal, jadi mudah di bersihkan dan dipakai berulang ulang.
Tinggal celup di bahan pewarna dan oleskan (di gelindingkan )di pinggiran kulit.

  • Length: 130mm
  • ID: 500 Stok: 6 Rp
    Leather rougher / 1set

    ID: 10481 Stok: 1 Rp
    Roller ( Nylon ) / 1pc
    Bahan roller terbuat dari Polyacetal, keras namun tidak akan membuat permukaan yang di roll menjadi baret. dan mudah di bersihkan dari lem dll.
    Ukuran roller diameter 30mm x lebar 38mm

    ID: 10462 Stok: 6 Rp
    Roller ( Stainless steel ) / 1pc

    ID: 10463 Stok: 4 Rp
    Roller ( rubber ) / 1pc
    Bahan roller terbuat dari Rubber (medium hardness), agak empuk
    Ukuran roller diameter 32mm x lebar 50mm

    ID: 10464 Stok: 10 Rp
    Speedball Brayer 2 inch / 1pc
    The roller has a 20 durometer finish for smooth rollout on many surfaces. Constructed with a heavy-duty steel frame and metal core that eliminates warping. Fitted with a plastic, comfort grip handle.

    ID: 10465 Stok: 0
    Foldable Magnifier with LED light (color:Red) / 1pc

    ID: 14559 Stok: 1 Rp
    Tools : Pierce maker #1 / 1set

    ID: 5206 Stok: 3 Rp
    Wire Twister & Jump Ring Maker Combo Set / 1set
    Together in one convenient set, you can twist wire and make custom jump rings in the sizes and wire gauges you want! The Beadalon Jump Ring Maker comes in di erent mandrel sizes so you can make just the size you need. Try coiling vivid Artistic Wires into colored Jump Rings to add de nition and texture to jewelry designs, or use gold- lled, sterling, or base metal wire to fashion components that complement your designs. Use the Wire Twister to make pre-twisted color combinations, then make twisted Jump Rings for all your jewelry or craft projects. Once twisted, multiple wires have more strength than single wires. Easy to use, fast, and fun. Once you try making your own Jump Rings you may never want to stop!

    ID: 2050 Stok: 2 Rp
    Tools: Marukan (jump ring) cutting plier / 1set
    This plier holds wire coils so that they can be perfectly cut into jump rings. Made of stainless steel, the Coil Cutting Pliers feature a jaw which firmly but gently grasps coils ranging from 4.5-9.0mm outside diameter.
    There is a slit in the jaws which allow the user to quickly cut multiple jump rings with a jewelers saw.
    It works best when your coil is no longer than 15 mm
    Pliers are box-jointed with pvc comfort grips, and 18cm long.

    ID: 8480 Stok: 0
    Wire craft tools, Shape maker #A /1pc
    Make round loops in 12 different sizes, oval loops in 12 sizes, square loops in 12 sizes and triangle loops in 10 sizes.
    Now the possibilities are endless! Craft beautiful wire objects, such as home accent pieces, lovely jewelry and ornaments, or just about anything you can imagine!

    ID: 1805 Stok: 6 Rp
    Marking (stamp) ImpressArt - Simple Strike Jig / 1pc
    The Simple Strike Jig is designed to help you produce perfect stamped impressions. Simply place the stamp in the jig, hold the jig firmly, and stamp. The jig holds the stamp flush, so you will always achieve an even, clear impression while saving your fingers!

  • Size: (W)50x(H)47x(D)35mm
    Package size: 125x75mm
  • ID: 18747 Ada pilihan
    Stok: 12 Rp
    Marking (stamp) ImpressArt - Economy series / 1set
    • Ada beberapa ukuran Tinggi dari huruf (lihat option)

  • ] ** Packages may vary. **
  • ID: 4812 Ada pilihan
    Stok: 14 Rp
    Tool set : Beader's tool set series / 1set
    Cocok untuk yang baru mulai dengan wire craft, dengan satu set paket ini anda siap berkarya.
    Ukuran :16 x 14 x 3 (cm)

    ID: 1095 Stok: 12 Rp
    Empty bottle multipurpose dropper /1pc

    ID: 15928 Ada pilihan
    Stok: 127 Rp
    Wood Grainer (wood texture) / 1pc
    Alat bantu untuk membuat motif seperti kayu. diatas semen, plaster, atau cat.

    ID: 13691 Stok: 18 Rp
    Multi Size Cone Wood Slicker ( Beech wood ) / 1 pc
    You need this tool for burnishing your projects. This tool is ideal for those small curved areas that are often hard to reach. You have four width choices and a long handle to make your burnishing easier. Either end of the tool can be used for `pushing out' leather when doing carving with embossing.
    • Material : Beech wood (imported)

    ID: 10480 Stok: 3 Rp
    Wooden Creaser / 1pc
    This wooden crease tool is carefully machined on both ends so that you can use it to apply a crease line at 3 different widths from the edge of your leather.
    Unlike a metal creasing iron, this tool is used without heat.
    You can use it apply a purely decorative line to your strap edges, or to help you mark where your stitching will be.
    With 3 different sizes: 1mm, 2mm & 3mm.

  • Size
    • Length: 200mm
    • Width: 30mm
  • ID: 498 Stok: 8 Rp
    Flux (paste type) Blue flux /1bottle 50gram

    ID: 3179 Stok: 1 Rp
    Flux paste, Copper-Mate /1pc

  • 4oz(118.3ml)
  • ID: 15448 Stok: 0