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Chiaogoo : Stainless Steel RED Lace Circulars Knitting Needles / 1pc

RED Lace Circulars have the same awesome red cable, joins and overall quality as our regular REDs with a couple of differences. These new RED Lace circulars have no bend in the needle and the tips are pointier.

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Clover Knitting needles Circular ( Takumi Bamboo) / 1pc

Clover’s excellent processing technology produces the Takumi® with high quality. These needles feature shafts with even thickness- promising neat stitches and finishing. The needle point has a round shape and delicate finish as to not leave fine splits of fiber that causes the yarn to split. Bamboo is a strong and elastic material with a hardy fiber. Its smooth surface and comfortable fitting are the most suitable for knitting needles. Only select parts of a bamboo are used for needles.

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Clover Knitting needles Circular ( Aluminum ) / 1pc

  • 23cm : are very short lengths used for Socks and Arm Warmers
  • 30cm : are short lengths sometimes used for sleeves, mittens and socks
  • 40cm : are often used for the body and brims of hats or the bodies of baby and children’s sweaters.
  • 60cm : a common size used for child and average women’s sweater bodies as well as baby and lap blankets
  • 80cm : a common size used for many adult sweaters as well as shawls and some baby and lap blankets
30cm made from all plastic, other size made from aluminum needle with nylon string.

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Denise Interchangeable Knitting Needles circular Kit ( pink ) / 1set

This compact set offers convenience, great value, and an extensive range of knitting possibilities. Easy to organize, with a place for everything…but everything in its place only if you’re not working on five projects at once!
This set includes:

  • Ten knitting needle sizes, US5/3.75mm to 15/10mm
  • Six cords: 5” 9” 12” 14” 16” 19” (13, 23, 30, 36, 41 and 48 cm).
  • Four end buttons to turn any cord into a stitch holder or to use as an end cap for a straight, flexible needle.
  • Two extenders for cord-to-cord connections.
  • Hard-shelled case that holds everything perfectly in place!
Needles are 4”(10cm) long for US5-10.5 and 4.5”(11cm) for US11-15.
Case dimensions (closed):18 x 21 x 2.5cm

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