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BOOK Hawaiian Quilting (English) / pc

: Instructions and Full-Size Patterns for 20 Blocks
Detailed instructions, 20 full-size quilting blocks (each 18" square) for creating exotic floral motifs: orchid, waterlily, hibiscus, 17 others.

    • ISBN: 978-0-486-25948-2
    • Size: 27.9 x 21.1 cm
    • Page: 48
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    BOOK Easy Japanese Quilt Style (English) / pc

    Easy Japanese Quilt Style is the perfect book for quilters who want to introduce Japanese style into their homes with ingenious quick-to-stitch projects. If you love beautiful Japanese fabrics, then this book will give you plenty of excuses to indulge, with 10 step-by-step projects ranging from bags to wall hangings plus variations for additional inspiration. The projects evoke the simplicity of traditional Japanese decor by using well-known pieced patterns, such as fan blocks and strip quilts, together with charming applique. Easy-to-follow instructions and diagrams offer a variety of ways to use panels and large-scale patterns, plus the authors include helpful advice on fabric choices.

    • ISBN: 978-0-7153-2862-0
    • Size: 27.5 x 21 cm
    • Page: 128
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    Book Quilting with Japanese Fabrics (English) /1pc

    The stunning beauty of Japanese fabrics inspired award-winning quiltmaker Kitty Pippen to immerse her quilts in Japanese elegance and style.
    Now Kitty shares her dazzling creations in eight exquisite patterns that illustrate how quilters of all skill levels can play with these dramatic fabrics in their quilts.
    Includes patterns ranging from simple mosaics and Japanese octagonal designs to Crazy patchwork, plus over 40 photos of glorious Japanese-style quilts.
    Provides a comprehensive introduction to Japanese textiles, such as indigo, kasuri, yukata, shibori, and aizome. Features a section on using sashiko quilting to add richness to any pieced quilt.
    Draws on common quilting techniques, such as traditional machine piecing, paper piecing, and appliqué.

    • ISBN: 978-1564772978
    • Size: 28 x 21.7 cm
    • Page: 98
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    BOOK Simply Amazing Spiral Quilts (English) / pc

    Learn to create five foundation-pieced spiral-based quilts—with no math!
    This one-of-a-kind technique for spiral quilt design allows you to create fascinating and beautiful art quilts.
    The bonus CD includes the basic shapes for the spiral patterns.

    Choose your technique from any of three methods:
    * By hand, completely freehand, using only a straight edge
    * By hand, precisely, using a ruler to measure increments in each spoke
    * On the computer — Electric Quilt works great for all types of spirals, but is not required

    • ISBN: 978-0-89689-653-6
    • Size: 27.5 x 21 cm
    • Page: 160 + CD-ROM (Templates)
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    Book The Perfect Patchwork System vol.6 (English) / pc

    Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks ; Six is for Hexagons
    This book has over 4 dozen quilt designs to make with the 60° family of shapes. The author has removed the mystery of planning, cutting and sewing the classic Thousand Pyramids, Tumbling Blocks, Flower Garden, Seven Sisters, Spider Web and other patterns. Companion tools include Sets G, H and N, plus the My Favorite Rulers Hexagon Ruler and the Easy 60° Equilateral Triangle-Ruler in two sizes.

    • ISBN: 0-9715226-0-x
    • Size: 28 x 21.5 cm
    • Page: 72
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    BOOK Yoko Saito's Quilts and Projects from my Favorite Fabrics (English) / pc

    : Centary Collection by Yoko Saito
    What better way to celebrate her twenty years anniversary of designing fabrics for LECIEN than by publishing a book full of bags, quilts and projects. Yoko Saito, quilter and designer extraordinaire, renowned for her stunning use of Japanese-inspired "taupe colors" gives us yet another book in her quintessential style. There are twenty-eight fabulous projects in this book along with basic "how-to's" for patchwork and quilting using her methods.

    • ISBN: 978-1-86351-411-8
    • Size: 28 x 21 cm
    • Page: 72
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    Book Farm Girl Vintage (English) / pc

    Instructions, patterns, pictures.
    This will be a new favorite for the Lori Holt followers. Experience life in the country with Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet!
    This book gives you the ability to mix and match as you please!
    Farm Girl Vintage includes bushels of blocks and a bumper crop of projects.
    From quilts to potholders, give your creativity free range!

  • Farm Girl Vintage
    • ISBN: 978-0988174979
    • Size: 28 x 23 cm
    • Page: 144
    Farm Girl Vintage2
    • ISBN: 978-1733960816
    • Size: 28 x 23 cm
    • Page: 201
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    Book It's Sew Emma Classic & Heirloom Quilts (English) / pc

    Stitch your quilting legacy with love, in celebration of the quilters of our past.
    Each quilt offers three size options of mini, lap and queen, and some can be made from modern-day precuts.
    Includes eight 1800s inspired quilts in 3 sizes.
    44 pages in a soft cover.

    • ISBN: 9781607051787
    • Size: 27.9 x 21.7 cm
    • Page: 45
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    Book The Complete Guide to Machine Quilting (English) / pc

    : How to Use Your Home Sewing Machine to Achieve Hand-Quilting Effects
    This book will show you how you can get the most out of your sewing machine while quilting, from working easily with different weights of batting and fabric, to great time-saving tricks, and how to add a cornucopia of decorative stitching effects.
    For those new to the wonderful world of quilting, you will find all the help and advice you need to get started.
    Whether you have just completed your first piece of patchwork and find quilting a daunting prospect, or have been quilting your own work for years, this book is packed with all the information you need to get the most out of machine quilting, inspiring new design ideas and finishes along the way.

    • ISBN: 978-1-250-00425-3
    • Size: 24.5 x 19 cm
    • Page: 128
  • ID: 19752 Stok: 2 Rp
    BOOK Country Cottage Quilting (English) /pc

    : 15 Quilt Projects Combining Stitchery and Patchwork
    Learn how to make gorgeous quilting, patchwork, applique and sewing projects with Country Cottage Quilting.
    This book provides the inspiration for this collection of 15 beautiful projects, from quick-to-stitch applique designs that make ideal gifts to larger wall hangings and bed-sized quilt patterns.
    The stunning designs combine charming hand embroidery with traditional patchwork and quilting techniques.

    • ISBN: 978-1446300398
    • Size: 27.5 x 21.3 cm
    • Page: 127
  • ID: 14092 Stok: 1 Rp
    BOOK Hand-Appliqued Quilts (English) /pc

    : Beautiful Designs & Simple Techniques
    An informative book for the quilter with ideas and inspiration for hand applique and trying quilting techniques outside ones comfort zone.
    Well illustrated.

    • ISBN: 9781446300398
    • Size: 24.9 x 20.6 cm
    • Page: 128
  • ID: 14106 Stok: 4 Rp
    Book Zen Quilting Workbook (English) / 1pc

    Gunakan buku ini untuk mempercantik barang-brang keseharian anda.
    Penjelasannya bergambar sehingga mudah dimengerti.
    Bordiran rancangan busana mode terbaru dan unik juga bisa anda buat dengan mudah.
    Untuk membuatnya anda akan banyak menggunakan beads dan kida-kida(kelip-kelip).
    Ukuran kertasnya A5 dan semua dicetak berwarna.

    • ISBN: 978-1-4972-0013-5
    • Size: 27.8 x 21.6 cm
    • Page: 49
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    Book Fresh And Fabulous Quilts (English) / pc

    If you love paper piecing and appliqué, this book is helpful.
    There are eight quilts; two are straight piecing, five are appliqué and one is paper piecing.
    This gives you a large variety of techniques in your quilt making.

    A nine page basics section provides such information as how to do appliqué and also gives several embroidery stitch types for sewing on the appliqués.

    • ISBN: 9781564778239
    • Size: x cm
    • Page:
  • ID: 19658 Stok: 2 Rp
    Book Bold and Beautiful (English) / pc

    In this book, the author reveals the secrets for creating wonderful quilts from just one piece of fabric, and in just 3 easy steps - quilt, paint, and embellish.
    Featuring 5 contemporary projects and a colourful gallery, this is a must-have for anyone wanting to create beautiful art quilts.

    • ISBN: 9781564778925
    • Size: x cm
    • Page:
  • ID: 19659 Stok: 2 Rp
    Book Twist and Turn Bargello Quilts (English) /1pc

    Great book with clear instructions and great diagrams.
    This book is full of great patterns and ideas for making Bargello Quilts.

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    Book Marie Osmond's Heartfelt Giving (English) / pc

    : Sew and Quilt for Family and Friends
    A beautiful book with a variety of projects for gifts and for the home.
    The author shares her memories of sewing and her love of fashion with you before providing you with many wonderful patterns.
    There are quilts, purses, bags, book covers, funky aprons and other accessories.
    There are even designs for your dog, including a coat, leash and feeding mat.
    You'll find many great gift ideas in this book, as well as projects to decorate your home.
    Spiral bound book + patterns in a separate envelope at the back of the book.

    • ISBN: 978-1-56477-947-2
    • Size: 26.4 x 23.2 cm
    • Page: 112 + patterns
  • ID: 19651 Stok: 2 Rp
    Book Flowers All Around (English) / pc

    The designs in this book are beautiful and instruction is clear.
    It contains five different projects all with a floral theme.
    The projects vary from full sized quilts to table runners and include both pieced projects and applique.
    There are options available for both the beginner quilter as well as a more advanced quilter.
    She explains some standard techniques with clear illustrations, perfect to refer to even when working on other projects.

    • ISBN: 9781564779779
    • Size: x cm
    • Page:
  • ID: 19661 Stok: 2 Rp
    Book Double Take (English) / pc

    : Quilts With That Hopscotch Twist
    Pinwheels, dots (circles), squares or stars are used as the basic pattern in each quilts or bag.
    There is the basic instructions section of eight pages.
    Each project has a color photos with finished block and quilt sizes.
    Graphics help you make sure you are following the written directions.
    Templates are included at full size.

    • ISBN: 9781564779816
    • Size: 27.6 x 21.1 cm
    • Page: 80
  • ID: 19663 Stok: 2 Rp
    Book Pinwheel Party (English) / pc

    This is a book about all different types of pinwheel blocks.
    Unlike many books which focus on a single block structure, "Pinwheel Party" showcases many varieties of pinwheel block both has the focus for the quilt and also as an accent detail.

    • ISBN: 9781564779878
    • Size: x cm
    • Page:
  • ID: 19662 Stok: 2 Rp
    Book House Party (English) / pc

    : Coordinated Quilts and Pillows
    The instructions are detailed and clear.
    The projects add a nice seasonal touch to your home decor.

    • ISBN: 9781564779991
    • Size: 27.6 x 21.3 cm
    • Page: 80
  • ID: 19664 Stok: 2 Rp
    BOOK Japanese Quilt Blocks to Mix and Match (English) / pc

    : over 125 patchwork, applique, and sashiko designs
    This book is full of unique designs and patterns.
    Many of the patterns are simple; others, especially the appliques, a complex. The photos are beautiful and show how Japanese fabrics can be utilized in striking ways. In addition, the author offers plenty of tips on color, block construction, design, piecing, sashiko stitching, etc. If you have any Japanese fabrics in your stash (or even if you don't), you'll enjoy this book.

    Design #35 ... measurement error
    The A and C pieces should be 8 and 1/2 inches instead of 8 1/4.

    Design #80 ... measurement error
    A 5 1/2 inch piece should be 3 and 1/2.

    It should be better for the readers to cut their first design on paper to make sure all pieces go together correctly.

    • ISBN: 978-1-56836-365-3
    • Size: 23 x 23 cm
    • Page: 125
  • ID: 14078 Stok: 1 Rp
    Book Flip-flop Paper Piecing (English) / pc

    : Revolutionary Single-foundation Technique Guarantees Accuracy
    From simple to complex, this book has it all.
    Beautiful illustrations that give the quilter an abundance of ideas.

    • ISBN: 9781571205407
    • Size: 27.9 x 21.6 cm
    • Page: 96
  • ID: 19666 Stok: 1 Rp
    BOOK Quilter's Academy Vol. 1 - Freshman Year (English) / pc

    : A Skill-Building Course in Quiltmaking
    Everything you need to get started making beautiful quilts. Includes 9 skill-building classes with complete instructions for making 11 classic quilts. Learn how to design your own quilts.

    • ISBN: 978-1-57120-594-0
    • Size: 28 x 21.6 cm
    • Page: 112
  • ID: 14101 Stok: 9 Rp
    BOOK Thoroughly Modern Dresden (English) / pc

    : Quick & Easy Construction 13 Lively Quilt Projects for All Skill Levels
    Change up the look of your quilts with lots of variations on the basic Dresden Plate block and settings. Use breakthrough piecing techniques to put together a whole quilt of perfect blocks in a day. Includes a complete set of templates for successful cutting, pressing and placement.

    • ISBN: 978-1571205957
    • Size: 27.8 x 21.5 cm
    • Page: 71
  • ID: 14013 Stok: 1 Rp
    BOOK Patchwork Party (English) / pc

    This is has an informative color/value lesson in the front along with easy to follow patterns and great dessert recipes.
    The pages themselves are visually yummy and layed out quite well.
    The pictures of the author's quilts as well as those of her students are just fantastic.
    It's a great book for beginning quilters as well as a fun book for more advanced quilters.
    Lots of inspiring ideas abound!

    • ISBN: 978-1-57120-624-4
    • Size: 27.8 x 21.5 cm
    • Page: 88
  • ID: 14108 Stok: 3 Rp