Mokei : Model making (clay, diorama etc)Diorama ( model making )

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Color Sand / 1pc

  • Size: 60 gram
    Package size: (H)100×(W)80mm
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    God Hand Amazing Cutter /1pc

    The plastic plate can be cut quickly with light force!
    By simply holding the grip with the object you want to cut, you can cut the object straight and crisp.
    Designed to cut a plastic plate with a thickness of 2mm or less and a length of 75mm or less. In addition to a plastic plate, paper, cloth, vinyl, cardboard, etc. can be used if it is 2mm or less and the length is 75mm or less Cut.
    If your production is small and you want to cut it straight, you can use the Amazing Cutter to make it crisp.

    The cross section is clean! Amazing sharpness!
    The cut surface is almost not crushed and can be cut straight and clean. For this reason, the labor of shaping after cutting can be greatly reduced.

    If it is a rod-like object, it can be cut to a thickness of 5 mm!
    By using the notch, you can cut round (or 5mm square) rod-shaped material with a diameter of 5mm.

    The blade can be replaced with a commercially available cutter blade!
    Since the blade uses a commercially available cutter blade, it can be replaced with a new commercially available cutter blade if the sharpness deteriorates.
    Replacement blades are not included with this product. Purchase a replacement cutter blade from your local dealer.
    Replacement cutter blades are also available on the official online hand site of God Hand.
    * “Special black blade (small)” is recommended for cutting plastic plates.
    OLFA Olfa cutter blade (small)
    Model number: SB10K, SB10KS, SB10B, SB10BS, SB50K
    OLFA Stainless Spare Blade (Small)
    Model number: SSB5B, SSB5K
    OLFA Special Black Blade (Small)
    Model number: BB10K, BB10KS, BB50K

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