Mokei : Model making (clay, diorama etc)Painting tool : Airbrush
Anest Iwata : Air brush / 1 unit
PENTING Semua produk IWATA naik cukup drastis, diatas 30 persen
Harga di halaman ini masih harga lama, karena kami TIDAK ready stok, melainkan system PO (setelah anda order baru kami orderkan), ada kemungkinan harga berubah. Tentu saja kami akan mengkorfimasikan harga terlebih dahulu sebelum anda membayar.

  • TO-ABS-0110B1
    Anest Iwata : Air brush SPARE parts / 1pc
    Berbagai macam spare part untuk airbrush merek Iwata
    PENTING : spare parts ini TIDAK ready stok, artinya setelah anda order baru kami orderkan ke Iwata Japan. Ada kemungkinan Iwata juga sedang kosong stoknya, sehingga bisa makan waktu 2 bulan baru dapat produknya.

  • TO-ABS-0110T1
    Tamiya : Air brush / 1pc

  • TO-ABS-0210A1
    Mr Hobby : Airbrush Pro-Con Boy series / 1 unit
    Berbagai jenis Air Brush serie Procon boy buatan Mr.Hobby
    This beautiful double-action "Procon Boy WA" airbrush has a very solid heft to it. Features a built-in internal-mix cup, crown tip, and an air adjustment valve just below the cup.
    Includes hose and joint, nozzle wrench, and 0.2 mm needle for fine painting.
    21.5 x 9.8 x 4.2 cm / 380g

    Untuk spare part Mr.Hobby , nozzle cap needle, dll kita bisa sediakan (pesanan khusus ).
    Jenis nya klik disini (bhs jepang, karena langsung dari webnya Mr.Hobby)

  • TO-ABS-0210M1
    Mr.Hobby : Pro-Spray Mk-2 / 1 set

    Pro-Spray Mk-2 sangat cocok buat pemula. Air Nozzle dan Holdernya terbuat dari metal sehingga mudah digunakan. Isinya cukup lengkap untuk pemula, dan penggunaan sangat luas.

    Isi Set :

    • Unit body
    • 0.2/0.4mm Katup pengisap
    • PS(thin) Hose
    • Katup Pengatur Udara
    • Mr.Air Super-190
    • Wadah pencampur warna
    NOTE : berhubung ada gas bertekanan tinggi, maka kami tidak bisa mengirim berikut tabungnya.
    Kalau anda order, maka tabungnya tidak bisa dikirim
    Anda bisa menggunakan alat ini dengan menggunakan kompressor biasa.

  • Size: 25.5 x 16.5 x 6.7 cm / 610g
  • ID: 13600 Ada pilihan
    Stok: 0
    Airtex handpiece " Candy " series / 1unit
    ActionSingle action
    CupGravity type 2cc
    Nozzle size0.2mm
    UsageNail art, Pramodel hobby etc

    ID: 15985 Stok: 0
    Airtex handpiece " KIDS-105" / 1 unit

    ID: 15989
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    Airbrush compressor set /1unit
    Airbrush set untuk pemula ( kompressor + air brush spray set ) / 1 set
    • Satu set ini sudah lengkap kompressor berikut spray brush nya ukuran nozzle standard ( 0.3mm )
    • Kompresornya type membran ( bukan piston ), sehingga kemungkinan kecil udara yang di hasilkan tercampur air.
    • Cocok untuk pemula yang baru belajar air brush. atau pekerjaan hobby craft yang tidak perlu harus kerja lama, karena motor kompresornya ini otomatis istirahat kalau kerja terus menerus setelah 30 menit.
      ( kerja nya , harus istirahat setelah 30 menit ).

    ID: 15986 Stok: 12 Rp
    Iwata Compressor / 1 unit

  • TO-ABS-2010B1
    Mr Hobby : Mr.Air Hose / 1 pc
    • It's very elastic and made from urethane.

    ID: 13562 Ada pilihan

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    Regulator : Air Control Assist by Airtex / 1pc

    ID: 20231
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    Airbrush Adaptor & Connector Joint / 1 pc
    Berbagai macam jenis JOINT ( sambungan ), Adaptor, Nipple joint dsb. untuk kebutuhan Air brush, spray gun, dan bermacam macam alat "Air tools" (alat yang menggunakan tekanan angin ).

  • TO-ABS-2050S1
    Airbrush Manifold joint / 1 unit

  • TO-ABS-2051F1
    Airbrush Filter and Regulator / 1 unit
    Berbagai macam pilihan Filter maupun Regulator untuk kebutuhan Air brush.

  • TO-ABS-30A256
    Mr.Hobby : Mr.Stand ( Air brush stand ) / 1pc

    This stand is accessories for Mr.Airbrush.

    ID: 13872 Ada pilihan

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    Airbrush hanger HG / 1 set

    ID: 13870
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    Spray booth ( Proxxon ) / 1set
    Spray booth dengan penghisap (ventilasi)
    Cocok untuk "art studio" (airbrush dll), Jewelry studio (carving, grinding, soldering), dan macam macam pekerjaan yang membutuhkan penghisap debu / asap.
    • Body : material karton

    ID: 12393 Stok: 0
    Tamiya Spray booth / 1set
    The Best Partner for Spray Painting
    This painting booth allows you to do your spray painting work indoors safely. The front of the booth features side special panels which have air slits that captures any paint mist that floats away from the central vent area. After entering the central vent, the paint mist is passed through the air filters 3 times before being exhausted. Moreover, the painting booth comes with a silent Sirocco fan. Whether painting fine details or doing Jewelry and other craft works this booth can handle the ventilation to provide a clean and safe workbench.

    ID: 12394 Ada pilihan

    10-14 d
    Mr. Super Booth / 1pc
    Mr. Super Booth is an original painting booth that is designed for indoor airbrushing. Its powerful sirocco fan quietly sucks out paint mist and odors.
    And it features a fully developed exhaust system that consists of a first-stage honeycomb filter and second-stage paper filter that catch all paint mist. Don't worry about cleaning problem, because Super Booth features a dual-stage filter exhaust system which virtually eliminates paint from entering the fan mechanism. Great for the novice and professional alike.

  • Does not include the bottles and tools that are pictured (top picture) in front of the booth .
  • ID: 15961 Ada pilihan

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    Vent Attachment for Mr. Super Booth / 1pc

    ID: 15962 Stok: 1 Rp
    Honeycomb Filter for Mr. Super Booth / 1pc
    A replacement cardboard filter for your Super Booth. Keep those fumes away from you and your loved ones. A clean filter will improve the efficiency of your spray booth, too.

    ID: 15963
    Bisa Back Order
    Extension Hose for Mr. Super Booth / 1pc
    An extension exhaust hose for the Mr. Super Booth painting booth.
    Set includes an 80cm flexible, collapsible hose and an 11cm joint.
    Hose outer diameter: 7cm. Inner diameter: 6.1cm.

    ID: 15964 Stok: 1 Rp
    Filter for Mr. Super Booth / 1pc
    Set of five fibrous filters for the Mr. Super Booth spray booth.
    Pictorial instructions are included for replacing the filter.
    Size : 21 x 18.3 x 0.2 cm

    ID: 15965
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    Tamiya Spray-Work Painting Stand Set # 74522 / 1set
    A multipurpose painting stand set with 2 easy to use stands. Both stands can be adjusted and used for a wide range of sized and shaped pieces. The 16cm diameter turntable has different sized holes to affix various parts to the stand. Parts can be painted easily while still on the sprue or can be affixed to something like a pencil or chopstick inserted into the larger holes. Comes with 4 spring clips. Fixing a model body to the stand from the inside, the body stand is perfect for spray painting1/24 scale cars. The width of clips can also be adjusted to obtain the most stable hold.

    ID: 12396
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    Airbrush maintenance supply