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Ecozai A1 : Water based Acrylic composite
EcoZai A1 adalah bahan yang terdiri dari 2 buah komponen yang akan menghasilkan campuran "Composite" yang kuat terhadap cuaca (air dan panas) dan relatif ringan dibanding Cement, dan aman terhadap badan maupun lingkungan.
  • Aman Composite ini terdiri dari 2 bahan (bubuk dan cairan) , dimana kedua duanya adalah bahan yang aman, tidak mengeluarkan gas maupun bau , aman tersentuh tangan, berbasis "water based", tidak mengandung solvent.
  • Mudah pengerjaannya Cukup di campur dengan perbandingan 1 (cairan) : 2 (bubuk), setelah 30 menit akan mengeras dengan hasil yang keras, tahan cuaca (air maupun panas matahari), serta dapat menghasilkan permukaan yang halus dan detail.
    Campuran ini dapat anda tuang ke cetakan ( di cor ), atau dapat juga di tambahkan bahan thickener agar menjadi kental dan dapat di aplikasikan dengan menggunakan kuas atau roll untuk bidang vertikal.
  • Relatif ringan dan kuat Campuran ini dapat di gabung dengan bahan penguat (Basalt fiber atau Glass fiber), sehingga dapat di dapatkan campuran yang relatif tipis ( 3mm - 8mm ) namun sangat kuat.
    Di Eropah, USA, Jepang, campuran composisi ini banyak di pakai sebagai pengganti Fiberglass, atau dipakai sebagai pengganti cement untuk pembuatan permukaan dinding .

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    Ecozai A1 : Additive / 100 gram

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    Ecozai A1 : Exterior Waterproof & UV coating
    This is a water based coating to protect the product against moisture and to give the product a weather resistant quality. A1 Sealer PLUS is a concentrated solution of acryl polymers in water. Always add 30% water to A1 Sealer PLUS before use. The work surface must be free of wax, oil, dirt and dust. Apply the sealer with a brush, roller, brushing with a soft cloth or with a spray.
    A1 Sealer PLUS can be applied in one or more layers to improve the protective qualities of the layer. A second layer can be applied after 45 minutes, depending on the temperature and humidity. When applying the sealer with a soft cloth, one layer of A1 Sealer PLUS will result in a satin matte gloss. More gloss is achieved by applying several layers. We recommend inspecting the treated surface every year and if necessary re-treat it with A1 Sealer PLUS every 6 years. This creates an expected life span of the A1 object of 50 years. There is a choice of A1 Sealer PLUS Matt and A1 Sealer PLUS Satin. For the most matt result, we recommend applying a layer with the A1 Sealer Satin first and then a layer with A1 Sealer Matt. The advantages are: - one component - free of solvents - water-based - quick drying - easy to apply - good UV-resistance - excellent adhesion - dirt resistant and water resistant

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    Ecozai A1 : Mold release
    EcoZai A1 release agent / 1pc
    EcoZai A1 release agent is a petrolatum based wax formulated specifically to release EcoZai A1 casting/laminating products from either plaster or from cured EcoZai A1 itself. It also maybe used as a release agent for rigid polyester molds.
    Application Apply to a plaster or EcoZai A1 Using Foam brush or cloth, apply into the “grain” of the mold. Then, using asecond, clean piece of terry cloth, rub off the wax leaving a thin film.Repeat the above procedure for a second time.
    Please note: DO NOT use to much (too thick), excess can cause“pocketing” of the gel coat and will decrease releaseproperties.

  • Bottle : 50 gram
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    Ecozai : Basalt Fiber for composite laminating
    • Strong Basalt is extremely durable, resistant to craking, resistant to rust, and light.
    • Safety Because of the inert nature of basalt, it is NOT a carcinogen. Also, Ecozai Basalt fiber which we sell, is between 9 and 16 micrometers in diameter, which is too large to be an inhalant risk. Basalt also causes significantly less skin irritation. ( No itchy ).
    Harga adalah per meter lari , lebar 1.2 meter.

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    Ecozai Natural Granite sand / 250 gr

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