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Ecozai A1 : Mold release

EcoZai A1 release agent / 1pc
EcoZai A1 release agent is a petrolatum based wax formulated specifically to release EcoZai A1 casting/laminating products from either plaster or from cured EcoZai A1 itself. It also maybe used as a release agent for rigid polyester molds.
Application Apply to a plaster or EcoZai A1 Using Foam brush or cloth, apply into the “grain” of the mold. Then, using asecond, clean piece of terry cloth, rub off the wax leaving a thin film.Repeat the above procedure for a second time.
Please note: DO NOT use to much (too thick), excess can cause“pocketing” of the gel coat and will decrease releaseproperties.
  • Bottle : 50 gram
  • Merk / Produsen: EcoZai

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