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PMC Flex Silver clay / pack

PMC Standard is great for adding intricate detail to wet metal clay. This silver metal clay is 77% fine metal particles and 30% binder by weight. PMC Standard shrinks about 28% of its original size during the firing process.
Objects made from this version are somewhat more delicate. PMC Standard can withstand mild distortion such as dapping, but does not lend itself to bending. Try out PMC standard for your next jewelry project.

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PMC + (Plus) Silver clay / pack

Discover PMC Plus and start working with a more advanced metal clay. This product is 85% fine metal and 15% binder by weight. PMC Plus shrinks 12-15% during firing and consists of smaller metal particles than those in PMC standard, which allows higher metal content and therefore less shrinkage. With PMC Plus, firing times have been shortened dramatically from 2 hours to a minimum of 20 minutes.

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PMC 3 Silver clay / pack

PMC 3 is great for those looking to make beautiful jewelry and work easily with silver metal clay. PMC 3 consists of 85% fine metal and 15% binder by weight. This variety of silver clay shrinks 12-15% during firing.
PMC 3 is different from PMC standard because it contains smaller metal particles. Because it has smaller metal particles, it provides you with a higher metal content and therefore less shrinkage and firing time can be as short as ten minutes.

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PMC Sterling Silver clay / pack

Finally! The clay we always dreamed of is here. PMC STERLING is sterling silver in the form of a malleable clay. It has the working properties of soft clay when moist. It handles beautifully and stays moist longer than any other silver clay product. It can be modeled with fingers or modeling tools, it can be molded, sculpted or pinched into anything you can imagine. Once dry, PMC STERLING can be sanded, filed, drilled, carved and shaped.
To transform the dry clay into solid sterling silver, a short 2-stage firing process is used. The first phase (30 minutes at 1000F (538C) on an open kiln shelf) burns away the organic binder. The second phase is a 30 minute carbon firing at 1500F (815C) to sinter the clay into a solid sterling silver object.
You fire PMC STERLING you will need a small jewelry kiln that is capable of reaching and holding both 1000F (538C) and 1500F (815C).

  • PMC STERLING has a longer working time than any other silver clay product.
  • PMC STERLING is 3 times stronger than fine silver clays.
  • Work can be more delicate and thinner which makes the clay go much further.
  • After firing, PMC STERLING is solid sterling silver and can be treated as cast sterling.
  • Set stones using traditional setting tools and techniques, solder, drill, rivet and form, sand, file, etc.

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Metal Hook Flower /1set

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PMC3 Silver clay Paste type /15 gram

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PMC silver sheet 3x12cm /5gram

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PMC silver sheet 6x6cm /5gram

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PMC3 Starter kit set

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Ring firing kit (Ceramic Shrinkage Stopper Set #8-#17) /1set

Designed specifically for use with PMC3™ and PMC+™, these ceramic shrinkage stoppers help control shrinkage of rings during firing.
After firing, rings are round, smooth and ready to finish.
This set includes:

  • four shrinkage stoppers (for making rings size #8 - #17 Japanese sizes):
  • one package of ten 600 x 20mm white ceramic tape strips that prevent the clay from sticking to the stopper
  • • one package of ten 600 x 20mm black alumina tape strips that smooth the inside of your rings as they fire
The ceramic stoppers are re-usable, and the strips are long enough for firing approximately two rings; alumina and ceramic replacement strips are also available. Trim each strip to the exact length of the stopper's outside diameter. Wrap the ceramic tape around the stopper, followed by the alumina tape. Place it inside your ring before firing. Your ring will form around the stopper.

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PMC Aqua / 10ml

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Alumina & Ceramic Tape ( for Shrinkage Stopper) / 1set

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Solid fuel for PMC silver clay hot pot / 1set (6pc)

  • This is a form of solid fuel in tablet form. The tablets burn smokelessly, have a high energy density, do not liquify while burning and leave no ashes
  • This fuel tablet are designed, primarily, for the firing of silver clay to make jewellery in mini kilns and PMC kits (sold separately), these fuel tablets also useful for other purposes where clean burning fuel is needed, such as camping and other outdoor cooking
  • Size of each table is 30 grams , this is the size needed for one time firing.
  • Each fuel tablet is hermetically sealed to ensure a long shelf life.

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