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Air dry clay : La Doll / 1pc

  • Material : Natural stone clay
  • Characteristic : La Doll is ideal for all sculpturing. Smooth consistency enables clay to be stretched out thinly. It is water-based, so fresh clay can be added with water. Once dry, sanding will create a satin finish. It is carved like soft wood. It renders beautiful results with most any painting, decorating medium and varnish.
  • Coloring : any paint
  • Packing : 500gram

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Air dry clay : La Doll Premix /1pc

  • Material : Natural stone clay
  • Characteristic : Premix, like La Doll, is the super fine material for all sculpturing. Easy-to model, it is all natural stone clay. It won’t crumble and it is good for work that requires fine detail. It dries hard with minimal shrinkage. Excellent for prototypes.
  • Coloring : any paint
  • Packing : 400gram
  • La Doll premix is a combination of La Doll and La Doll Premier.
    It has combined all the benefits of both clays. Premix is stronger, better to work with and better to sand. It is a superb clay for the most delicate figures in air dry clay. The clay is fine textured with almost no fibers in it, very pliable and easy to work with. It hardly sticks on your hands. It is simply wonderful clay!

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Air dry clay : La Doll Premier / 1pc

  • Material : Natural stone clay
  • Characteristic : Premier is a new, super light weight stone clay. It is soft and easy to blend with other clay to get the desired consistency. It dries to a light weight, so it is ideal for work that requires a large piece and hanging display. Also, it dries to be hard and it is excellent for detailed work. Pure white.
  • Coloring : any paint
  • Packing : 300gram
  • La Doll Premier is like La Doll Satin Smooth, but with a finer body, allowing for greater detail, exceptional strength, ultra-lightweight pieces, and a bright white finish. LaDoll Premier is a stiffer version than original La Doll but it works well for small, delicate areas such as fingers. Premier can be blended easily with La Doll Satin Smooth.

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Air dry clay : La Doll Cloth Clay / 1pc

Ini adalah bahan untuk membuat kain menjadi keras
Biasanya dipakai untuk membuat baju/rok untuk patung.
Celupkan kain kedalam cairan ini (di kuas juga bisa), tunggu hingga kering, maka kain anda akan keras seperti terbuat dari clay.
Juga bisa dipakai sebagai bahan "repair", untuk memperbaiki clay jenis Ladoll, Formo, Premier, Premix dll, yang hasilnya kurang halus. (berpori). Kuaskan bahan cloth clay ini keatas clay yang mau di perbaiki, tunggu kering , dan gunakan amplas halus untuk memperhalus permukaan.

  • Warna : putih
  • Material : semi liquid clay
  • isi perbotol 600 gram

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