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Anticlastic & Synclastic Pliers / 1pc

  • Anticlastic pliers
    Anticlastic pliers are similar to synclastic but produce a curve in opposite ways in two directions (saddle-shaped). Produces a fine, finished product in a fraction of the time without having to use a dapping tool. Total length: 8".
  • Synclastic pliers
    Synclastic pliers put a curve toward the same side in all directions. Create a bracelet in minutes, not hours. Also makes rings, bangles and is indispensable in doing jewelry repair. Length 8".
  • Merk / Produsen: Eurotool

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      Pilihan (Rp) Harga Stok Qty
    15396-Anticlastic   Anticlastic Pliers W14mm 1,018,000 0 X
    15396-Synclastic   Synclastic Pliers W13mm 1,018,000 1
    15396-Anticlastic06   Anticlastic Pliers W 7mm 1,018,000 1
    15396-Anticlastic11   Anticlastic Pliers W11mm 1,018,000 1
    15396-AnticlasticS   Anticlastic Pliers .Small 1,018,000 0 X
    15396-SynclasticS   Synclastic Pliers W 8mm 1,018,000 3
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